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EPDM (short for ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a synthetic rubber, single-ply roofing membrane used for covering low-slope roofs. It is a thermoset material, which means once it cures after installation it cannot be reheated and softened to accommodate for shrinkage.

EPDM roofing membrane is a popular choice for both new construction and re-roofing, with an estimated 20 billion square feet of it covering the roofs of commercial buildings throughout the US. Installation is much easier than built-up roofing systems, and there are no fumes or odors.

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How long does an EPDM roof last?

The service life of a properly installed EPDM roof varies depending on environmental conditions, drainage, foot traffic, and, of course, the quality of installation. On average, the EPDM roofs we install in southern Wisconsin have a service life of 25 years.

One of the largest factors in the service life of an EPDM roof is whether or not it receives routine maintenance and repairs. Having experts repair and perform routine maintenance on your rubber roof through inspections, clearings and washings will help ensure that your EPDM roofing will protect your building for many years to come. Find out more about our EPDM maintenance servicesEPDM repair services or contact us for a free estimate.

Thermoplastic Or EPDM Roofing?

EPDM has always been the standard for commercial flat roofing, but TPO (thermoplastic) roofing has been gaining popularity in recent years. So which one is the preferred industry choice? EPDM typically has a dark surface, which means in sunny climates will absorb heat and force cooling systems to work overtime. TPO roofing reflects sunlight, meaning it’s easier on cooling and HVAC units, saving energy and money. However, EPDM’s synthetic rubber surface will better protect roofs from bad weather like hail and sleet, while a hard thermoplastic roofing system may compromise the building’s membrane when struck by hail.

TPO can ostensibly last longer than EPDM, but it can cost more to maintain in the long run. EPDM is easier to install and repair compared to TPO: thermoplastic roofing systems need to be welded on, and while that makes it extremely durable, it can also be complicated to fix since it requires an electrical source for repair work.

Both roofing systems are excellent choices for protecting your commercial building in southeast Wisconsin. If you’re interested in installing a TPO or EPDM roof on your commercial building, contact Alois Roofing today to get a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EPDM roofing?

EPDM roofing also known as Ethylene Propylene diene Monomer, is a rubber roofing system that provides durability and UV resistant.

How is EPDM roofing installed?

A layer of insulation is needed to form a base for EPDM to adhere to. After the insulation is installed the EPDM rubber membrane can be applied using bonding adhesive that provides a secure connection between the base and the material.

How much does EPDM roofing cost?

Based on the square footage and shape of the roof, pricing for EPDM roofing can cost anywhere between $6,000 and $17,000.

How long does EPDM roofing last?

EPDM roofs can have a life expectancy of over 50 years. To ensure EPDM roofs last this long, inspections and preventative maintenance should be performed regularly.

Characteristics of EPDM Roofing:

  • Lower cost than any other roofing system
  • Ease of installation, no fumes or odors
  • Weighs less than other single-ply membranes
  • Available in rolls as large as 50’ x 200’ for fewer seams
  • Requires regular maintenance and will need to be re-seamed after 5 to 7 years
  • The black color absorbs UV light, which shrinks the membrane and makes it brittle—decreasing service life
  • Protective walk paths are needed to protect against punctures caused by stepping on any sharp object
  • Not eco-friendly due to oil-based byproducts used in manufacturing it
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