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Expert EPDM Roofing Repairs from Alois

EPDM Rubber Roofing Repair for Commercial & Industrial Buildings in Southeast WisconsinCommercial EPDM Roof Repairs in the Milwaukee area

For commercial and industrial buildings, having to repair an EPDM roof is one of the last things you want to have to deal with. Depending on the type and severity, leaks can be extremely difficult to detect, much less pinpoint where it's stemming from. While rubber roofing is considered one of the more tough, durable and longest-lasting roofing materials, it is also very easy to accidentally puncture. These punctures can lead to leaks from holes so small that only experts will be able to detect them. Leaks of any size can lead to costly water damage.

Because EPDM roofing is considered easy to fix, companies will often hire an amateur roofing company to find and repair and leaks to try and save a little money. Unfortunately, it is even easier to repair improperly. Whether that’s from using the wrong materials or methods, this can be even worse than doing nothing in some cases.

Save yourself the hassle, stress, and money in the long run by hiring expert EPDM repair contractors in the first place. All Alois contractors are well trained with many years of experience dealing with rubber roofing. Highly skilled in installing, replacing, maintaining and repairing any and all commercial and industrial EPDM roofing systems, you won’t be able to find better or more knowledgeable contractors in the Milwaukee area.

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EPDM Roofing Maintenance Services

One of the best ways to cure EPDM leaks is by stopping them before they can even happen. Some of the most common causes of leaks and water damage with a rubber roof are fully preventable with professional, routine maintenance. Alois offers comprehensive EPDM maintenance services, including full roof inspections and deep cleans. Routine maintenance is key to spotting and fixing issues before they can cause more severe damage. Having the roof properly washed is also vital to preventing cyanobacteria or mold infestations and cracking from the heat.

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The 3 Most Common Causes of Leaks, Drafts and Mold for EPDM Roofing Systems


Splitting is a common issue and can stem from a wide variety of causes like stress to the rubber membrane from recurring foot traffic, freeze-thawing, standing water (ponding) and even improper installation or repairs. This will allow water to leak into your building when it rains.


Flat roofs are designed to be flat with a slight slope to them to allow any water to run off in order to prevent pooling or standing water, but most roofs are not 100% flat. Ponding is usually the result of insufficient or clogged drainage, but will also form when one section of the roof is lower or sunken in. This can result in deep, concave indents that will continue to get larger as more water is able to pool there, damaging the material and allowing water to seep through into your building over time.


During the summer months, the air becomes warmer and can begin to form small air pockets throughout the roof. As the temperature changes, the pocket will continue to expand and contract and may eventually cause the thin EPDM membrane to burst. This forms a small hole in the material, allowing water into the building when it rains. If the blister forms on a seam, it can allow moisture into the roof even without popping.

All of these issues are fully preventable with routine inspections, maintenance and repairs. While there are DIY solutions for these, it is best to leave any repairs to the experts. Contact the specialists at Alois for a free estimate or get more information on our EPDM maintenance services.

Professional Repairs for Commercial EPDM Roofs

Repairs and maintenance done properly can significantly improve the service life of your EPDM roof, but can ruin the roofing if done improperly. There are many DIY solutions online for how to fix your leaking EPDM roof, but all EPDM repairs should be performed by well-trained and experienced professionals. Because of how tricky rubber roofing can be, repair and maintenance crews that don’t have proper experience or training may end up trying to use the wrong materials to repair or maintain it, which may end up damaging or even completely ruining the roof’s surface. Extend the service life of your rubber roofing as long as possible by contacting the experts at Alois for all commercial and industrial EPDM repairs and maintenance.

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