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Industrial & Commercial Roofers Servicing West Allis

West Allis' Top Rated Commercial Roofing CompanyCommercial & Industrial Roofing in West Allis

With over a century of combined experience, Alois Roofing & Sheet Metal knows what it takes to provide roofing services to all the best industries in the Milwaukee area. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality craftsmanship every time. Backed by full manufacturer warranties, we’re the most trusted roofer in Milwaukee County.

Commercial roofing materials available in southeast Wisconsin:

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We pride ourselves on the care we take with each individual job. You can’t do your job properly if we don’t do ours. We make sure you can continue regular operations with minimal disturbances from our crew. Don’t trust just anyone to repair or replace your business’s roof. Trust Alois Roofing and Sheet Metal!

Alois provides roofing services for all businesses anywhere in Wisconsin, including but not limited to:

Commercial roofing services in West Allis

The commercial business owners of West Allis use Alois roofing for all their roofing needs. We offer both installation and tear-down services, with different crews for each. All members of our crews have extensive training and experience in each area. No other roofing contractors in the West Allis area can hold the quality and value of services we offer. Contact us today for a free project quote, or for more information on our roofing services.

Industrial and commercial roofing installed

When finding a commercial roofing contractor, who has the best price is often the selling point for most people. These contractors tend to have inexperienced employees with little to no training on complex systems. Commercial flat roofing systems tend to be difficult and must be installed correctly the first time. This will ensure it withstands the changing of the seasons and the test of time. When these systems are installed incorrectly, it can lead to costly repairs or a full replacement before the roof needs to be replaced. We make sure to get your roof installed right the first time. Find out more about our installation services for commercial roofing.

Repairs for West Allis commercial roofs

Flat roof buildings, specifically commercial and industrial, require inspections and repairs to ensure the lifespan of the roofing system is extended as long as possible. Detecting and repairing leaks is important to do before they can cause damage to the structural integrity of your roof, along with avoiding water damage. We offer services for standard materials and more complex systems, giving you the highest quality and value on roofing services in Southeast Wisconsin. Contact us today to get a free quote, or learn more about our roofing repair services for commercial roofing.

Industrial property roofing maintenance

Inspections can often force businesses into downtime, being why they will refrain from getting them done on their building. Ignoring these inspections can often lead to extensive water damage and expensive repairs. When you hire Alois Roofing, this is not an issue. We will work with you to determine a plan that will cause as little disruption to you and your guests as possible. Find out more about our repair and maintenance services for commercial buildings.

Commercial roof replacement

There are many reasons a commercial property’s roofing system would need to be replaced, usually including age, damage or improper installation. Our experts can help if your roof has undergone any of these situations. We work with many different roofing systems and can install different materials, from standard materials to more complex ones. No other roofing company near West Allis can compete with the quality and value we offer

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